Do you dream of spending wonderful days away from home with your four-legged friend, but you’re worried that something might happen during the trip? With our dog crates, we can assure the utmost safety for you and your dog!

Our love for dogs means we build our dog crates to the highest quality standards, so as to guarantee maximum comfort and the highest dog safety in the car.

Dog safety in the car: fully-welded tubular aluminium frame - TRAVELLING DOG
  • Strength
    Our dog crates have been designed with the utmost care, using a fully-welded tubular aluminium frame for greater strength in the event of even violent impact.
Dog safety in the car: feature reinforced aluminium panels - TRAVELLING DOG
  • Durability
    Our dog crates feature reinforced aluminium panels: this guarantees maximum durability and, at the same time, much higher safety than the market standard.
  • Safety
    When designing our crates we didn’t just think about the safety of your dog on the road, but we also equipped them with a special panel fastening system so that you can let your dog out quickly in the event of an accident.
Dogs comfort in the car: special mat to protect your car’s boot and bumper and ensure greater safety for your dog when getting into the car and the dog crate - TRAVELLING DOG
  • Comfort
    Don’t worry about your dog’s comfort, we’ve already taken care of it! All of our dog crates come with a soft rubber mat on the inside to ensure the maximum comfort for your four-legged friend.
Dog safety in the car: lock and key - TRAVELLING DOG
  • Theft protection
    You can choose between a closure with or without lock and key. If you love your dog and want the best for him or her, we recommend the lock and key, so as to prevent the doors from accidentally opening during the trip, and above all stop your dog from being stolen.


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