Travelling Dog custom-made crates: a concentrate of technology to ensure your best friend travels safely!

This project is the result of our greatest passion: our love for dogs, which together with our technical expertise in metal processing has led us to conceive, design and develop a line of high-quality aluminium dog crates.

A six-legged intuition

Travelling Dog is therefore the result of a fortunate set of circumstances that has allowed us to funnel our technical skills and passion for dogs into a project that reflects our desire for perfection and unconditional love for our four-legged friends.

Where does the technology come from?

The technology behind all Travelling Dog custom-made crates comes from our company, Newsald, which has been operating in the metal processing sector for more than twenty years, specialising above all in welding.


Travelling Dog custom-made crates: a Newsald project

For more than twenty years now, we at Newsald have been specialising in certified processes for the welding of stainless steel, with a constant propensity for innovation, so as to offer reliable and durable products.

Our company’s true asset: a meticulous and qualified team

We are very demanding when it comes to ensuring the safe travel of pets, and we believe that the perfect result of all of our products is essential. This is why we pay special attention throughout the production process to ensuring that it meets the highest standards in terms of safety and durability.


Quality and professionalism: words alone are not enough, our certifications do the talking.

With the constant aim of offering only the best for our customers, we have chosen to obtain certification for all of our stainless steel processes up to a thickness of 5 mm.

But that’s not all: to ensure the total quality of our dog crates, all of our operators have successfully obtained a welding license issued by RINA Services, a certified body that for decades has been the benchmark for the certification of welders and welding equipment operators.


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